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Terms, Pricing and Disclaimer


Subscribers undertake not to upload any material which infringes copyright law.

Villa Vacations reserves the right to remove any material which is not pertaining to the content of this site as a vacation rental/home exchange information database. All content must be non contentious i.e. no sexual or slanderous content will be accepted.

Links to other sites and email addresses should only appear in the designated area. These will be removed elsewhere.

The subscription covers the term as stated in your agreement. Should you decide to terminate before the expiry date there will be no refund. If selling on a rental property you can pass the agreement to the new owner at no charge.

Villa Vacations does not guarantee that this site will be available 100% of the time although it will endeavour to do so. (99.98% uptime since 2001).

Your contract with Villa Vacations is limited to the provision of the features as described.

Villa Vacations will provide:-

  • The display of up to four photographs of your property on your page.
  • Your page customised with keywords to suit your property location.
  • Your page submitted to some of the major search engines on a regular basis. (See Note I below).
  • Pricing details for rental properties displayed in multiple currencies.
  • A full availability calendar which you can link to from other sites.
  • Your page being available through our listings and search facilities.
  • A statistics report showing how many visits to your home page, email contacts made, visits to your other site (if applicable).
  • Your emails stored on our site so that you can read and reply to them from wherever you are.
  • A continuous program of development to bring new features to the site.

Note I. This submission service is not guaranteed as search engine policies regarding automatic submission of sites can and does change.

Prices are on a per annum basis and are as below.

Guarantee. There will be no renewal charge at the end of the year if we do not meet targets as outlined in our Guarantee.

Prices will be in one of 3 categories. Either rental, home exchange or both.

These prices are extremely competitive. Check out our competitors and see for yourself.

NOTE. New adverts get a 50% reduction on our standard prices to help the advert get established on search engines.

STANDARD price before discount per advertPrice in US DollarsPrice in EurosPrice in UK Pounds
NOTE. Current Offer 50% off listed prices for new properties
Single Property for Rental 72 US dollars60 Euros40 UK pounds
Single Property for Exchange 32 US dollars30 Euros20 UK pounds
Single Property for Exchange and Rental 90 US dollars80 Euros50 UK pounds
Owners of apartment complexes.
This allows you to advertise multiple properties as generally available under the one advert)
200 US dollars170 Euros120 UK pounds

Prices are per annum and are not refundable either in whole or part except due to the discretion of the management..

Additional adverts get a further 20% discount.

At the end of the first year we will not charge a renewal fee if we have not delivered at least 100 full views of your site.

When browsing our site visitors see summary listings either by searching or looking at regional lists. They will probably only look at your full site details if genuinely interested.

This means that most viewings of your pages are of high quality.

How we count views.

  • We only count views of your property details page. Views of your property summary in search results, regional listings, your calendar, image pages, or offsite links do not count.
  • As long as you have logged in we don't count views of your site by yourself.

Whether the site visitors then make contact with you will depend on how well your property is described and whether the suitability of the property, the pricing or house swapping terms are appropriate

NB. You are allowed 8 standard images on your advert as part of the annual fee.

Prices for Optional Hosting of Panoramic images.

Prices for hosting panoramic images are an optional extra and are on a per annum basis as below.

Prices where we stitch and prepare images are per image processed and are only paid once.

Annual Hosting Charges
Per rental image hosted 8 US dollars8 Euros5 UK pounds
Per home exchange image hosted 4 US dollars4 Euros3 UK pounds
Property listed for exchange AND rental 10 US dollars10 Euros6 UK pounds
Charges where we prepare the Panoramas
For each panoramic image prepared by us 70 US dollars60 Euros40 UK pounds

So if your property is listed for rental and you prepare and upload 1 picture yourself the cost will be 8 dollars per annum.

If we prepare the image for you from pictures you send the cost will be 24 dollars in the first year then 8 dollars per year.


As Villa Vacations is not a booking agency we necessarily have to point out the terms and conditions of subscription as below. Villa Vacations disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy, content, or availability of information located on the pages of this Internet site.

Villa Vacations is acting purely as a database of information and facilitating the exchange of that information.

Villa Vacations will not be and cannot be a party to any contract between exchangers or renters submitting data to this site.

Any contract you enter into is with the owner/agent of the property concerned and does not involve Villa Vacations.

Information contained about properties contained in pages and throughout the site is submitted by those offering to rent/exchange and is not warranted by Villa Vacations.

It is the responsibility of any person considering any rental or exchange to establish for themselves that the information found at this Internet site is to their satisfaction. Villa Vacations does not independently verify any information.

We recommend that all potential renters check all the terms of the proposed rental by email and in writing in advance of booking and if possible take up references.

We recommend that all potential exchangers, confirm all the terms of the proposed exchange by email and in writing before exchanging, and if practical view the property in advance.

It is recommended that 'Trip Cancellation Insurance' be taken out as a minimum. Unlike a hotel when you are renting or exchanging a villa unforeseen circumstances such as serious illness can have an effect on your agreement.

Suitability of all properties being exchanged/rented is the responsibility of the individual or parties concerned in the transaction.

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