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Membership Entry

There are several forms to fill in to complete entry of your property. The first form below is for your personal contact details. These details are separate from your property details as you may have more than one property to add and we only need this part once.

Once you have entered the main details about your property there will be optional forms for images, offsite links, calendars etc. You can either add these now or later.

Remember you can come back and change the data at any time.

Stage I. Personal Details

Enter your personal details below and click on the 'Submit Member Details' button. You will then be asked about your property details. (You can add more properties afterwards).

NB. Personal information entered here such as name,address,telephone will NOT be displayed on your pages unless you click the 'Display Address' or select to be contacted by Post. This allows you to either retain privacy or display your details at your own discretion.

PLEASE do not use only capital letters as it means we have to change these by hand to make it look better.

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Any items marked XXX must be entered
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Your name and address for contact and identification.s
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Preferred contact method for enquiries.   Email Telephone Fax By Post By my own web site
Other Contact Methods you are happy with.   Email Telephone Fax By Post By my own web site
Select any other methods of contact
Display my Address.
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If you accept telephone calls then enter your preferred call times below.
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Languages Spoken  
---The next section is for house exchangers only---
Swapping Experience   No Occasionally Experienced
Alllow Non Member Contact   No Yes
Select Y to allow non members to be able to contact you
Email notification service
Days between emails
   If you want us to notify you of new additions then enter the number of days between emails. 1 for daily, 7 for weekly etc.
Leave empty if you don't want the service.
Additional Personal Information  
---End of house exchangers section---
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