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Peaceful Pleasures and Nourishment for the Body and Spirit. Vacation rental.

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Holiday Villa in gioia tauro, Reggio Calabria, Italy

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Summary of vacation rental villa/apartment - 7146

Peaceful Pleasures and Nourishment for the Body and Spirit. Vacation rental.

Holiday Villa in gioia tauro, Reggio Calabria, Italy

Peaceful Pleasures and Nourishment for the Body and Spirit
Click to enlarge Peaceful Pleasures and Nourishment for the Body and Spirit in Gioia tauro,Reggio Calabria Gioia tauro
Sleeps up to 6, has 2 bedrooms

Villetta Mimma Vittoria (Gioia Tauro) is a new town house… 100 Meters from the town Piazza and 1000 Meters to the beach. ...
Property Summary
Type: Villa multiple floors
Property Sleeps: 6
Reception Rooms: 1
Bedrooms: 2
Bath Rooms: 2
WC / Toilets: 2
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Property Details
Welcome to Villetta Mimma Vittoria (Gioia Tauro) Reggio Calabria
(A new town house… 100 Meters from the town Piazza and 1000 Meters to the beach)- "Handicap Accessible"

The inspiration and goals of Villetta Mimma Vittoria

Born and raised in Reggio Calabria until he was 3, the property owner and his family immigrated to North America in the early sixties. Now an award winning music producer/composer, the owner decided to make his small but hopefully lasting contribution to Calabria’s tourism.

The Academy of Calabria Rome-Toronto honored the owner in 1996, for his outstanding achievements and contributions to the Calabrian community in Canada. The Center for Art & Culture “Bruzio” of Gioia Tauro Awarded the “Calabria America” 2000, to the owner as a composer/producer.

Honored with the above awards and acting as an ambassador of Calabria, the owner was inspired to rebuild his parents’ old and abandoned town house in Gioia Tauro making it available to his family and friends as well as opening it up as a rental to anyone ready for a Calabrian adventure.

Taking over 2 years to complete the 2 story -2 bedroom- 1000 sq ft independent town house (Villetta), the owner wanted to make a statement about what he has learned while being away from his native region. Calling on close relatives to put the paperwork and plans into action, his faith in the Calabrian way of doing business was tested time and again. Residing in New York City for the past 15 years, the owner ended up showing his fellow countrymen a thing or two of how things get done and bringing a sense of style and taste that even the master trade contractors remained impressed.

Noting that there were few Calabrian summer rentals on the market, the owner’s approach to creating something that all would like to experience, was a house that an adventurer in Calabria could escape to, to nourish the body and spirit at an affordable price. One simple pleasure that North Americans take seriously, is taking a great shower. After traveling to Italy many times, the owner found that it was hard to do such a thing. Hence he implemented a 10inch exciting rain shower head in the large bathroom to fulfill that pleasure. This was the corner stone of thought and attention to detail that the owner had in mind when re-building the town house.

To celebrate and bless the opening of the rental house, all guests renting Villetta Mimma Vittoria (named after the owner’s mom) will be greeted with a welcome care package containing local Calabrian products of (virgin olive oil - grown, harvested and cold pressed by the owner’s relatives in nearby Seminara, fruits and vegetables (in season) grown and harvested by the owner’s relatives in nearby Ponte Vecchio, preserves and home made table wine made by other relatives in Gioia Tauro). The products (those that are lawful to import) are also available for sale if the guests want to take back a little flavor of Calabria back with them. the owner’s relatives in Gioia Tauro are predominantly merchants in the jewelry, giftware and dry cleaning business. Modest discounts will be made to Villetta Mimma Vittoria guests at these fine establishments.

The owner wants his guests to have a wonderful time, take in the local culture that few tourists get to experience, visit the cultural and historical sites, enjoy the beaches, take a cooking class in Calabrian cuisine (provided by another of the owner’s aunt’s) and come back year after year inviting more of their friends to join them in nourishing their bodies and spirit.

Villetta Mimma Vittoria (Town House)
(peaceful pleasures and nourishment for the body and spirit)

Villetta Mimma Vittoria town house - Italian elegance combined with New York’s SoHo Chic. This newly constructed - earthquake resistant - air conditioned townhouse is on the vibrant Via Messina in the Villa Ponze district of Gioia Tauro, province of Reggio Calabria. Modern design has been plumping up the pillows on sensual content lately, which has broadened it’s appeal. Villetta Mimma Vittoria is not about cottage coziness and certainly not of clutter, but of peaceful pleasures, clean lines and nourishment for the body and spirit. This phenomenon seems particularly true in southern Italy, giving “Southern hospitality” a whole new meaning.

Villetta Mimma Vittoria town house has been completely rebuilt and renovated with extreme attention to details and comfort. Professionally restored, this Villetta town house offers splendid, high quality rooms to the discerning traveler and tourist.

Villetta Mimma Vittoria has 2 beautiful, practical and charming bedrooms that can accommodate a family of 4 to 6. Ground floor is one huge loft like space which includes the Living Room with leather sleep sofa, Dining Room and open (American style) stainless steel/marble kitchen. The second floor has 2 bedrooms, a comfortable and luxurious bathroom and large walk in closet. The master bedroom has a high design Albers bed and the balcony has an eye view of the main street -Via Roma.

This \"Great Town House of Gioia Tauro\" property offers such amenities as private bath with a 10’’ ‘rain’ shower head, washing machine, microwave, wood burning Franklin fireplace, outdoor shower, skylights in the large bedroom and hallway, window screens, 2 TV sets , SAT TV, stereo, candelabras, security alarm, and light dimmers to create a relaxing ambiance. Stay in touch with the world – cell phones available for weekly rental. All one has to do is buy a prepaid phone card.

Villetta Mimma Vittoria is walking distance near food shops, supermarket, high scale boutiques, train station, cafes, park and sandy beach. Parking on the street in front of house is permitted. A few steps from the town house brings you to a little park (villa) that has a panoramic view of the Tryannian sea coast, where one can view Gioia Tauro marina and the volcanic island of Stromboli.
Area Details
About the Town-

Welcome to Gioia Tauro - Reggio Calabria

According to encyclopedias and geography books, Gioia Tauro is a growing town by the sea in the province of Reggio Calabria.

Gioia Tauro is located between Naples and Messina, 7 Km near the town of Palmi, it was \"discovered\" at the turn of the century by the English aristocracy and today is considered the \"jewel\" of the Costa Viola for its trendy shopping and sandy beaches. Gioia Tauro is located in the gulf of Gioia Tauro, (it holds the second largest port in Europe). On a clear day, you can see Sicily and the Eolian islands.

In fact Gioia Tauro is not only a town by the sea, but a way of life, a love. Gioia Tauro charms anyone who goes there with the color of its sea, the greens of its shores, the warmth of its inhabitants. It is a place that has a miraculously positive and uplifting effect on those who are struggling with the constant demands of everyday life. From artists to businessmen, Italians to Americans, Germans and other Europeans, this Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean part of Italy is for everyone. Those who come from cold, or warm lands, have all undergone an invigorating metamorphosis when visiting Gioia Tauro. They have left their jobs, deserted their native towns to live here.

Gioia Tauro, exit SS18 on the A3 Autostarda (Salerno – Reggio) is 50 km from Reggio Calabria’s airport and 70 Km from the Lamezia Terme airport.

Gioia Tauro can also be reached by sea by taking the ferry/traghetto from Messina, which is a major Mediterranean port. There is also, twice a day, a sea bus service which takes an hour from Gioia Tauro to the vulcanic island of Stromboli that is currently in the news lately. The historical city of Tropea is also situated at the tip of the Costa Viola. The Splendid City of Capo Vaticano had a medical school in ancient times.

Gioia Tauro, one of the towns located on the Costa Viola is an excellent area if you love the beach and great weather. Villetta Mimma Vittoria town house is a few blocks from the town\'s main center, a 10 minute walk to the Gioia Tauro Marina beach, and 7 km by car to the world famous ‘la tunara’ beach in near by Palmi.

Gioia Tauro has excellent restaurants as well as in the nearby hill towns of Seminara, Sinopoli, and Mt Elia abound; the area is noted for its cheeses, wines, olive oil. Beaches at Tropea and Capo Vaticano are at 45 minutes by car. Activities in the area include tennis, swimming, horseback riding and yachting.

Gioia Tauro is not a fad; Like mythological cities of the past, it does not let go of those who see it. Its sea, its shores, its history, its inhabitants form a whole, influencing visitors and rendering their life experience utterly blissful.

Gioia Tauro – the Gateway of the Costa Viola

About the Region -

Welcome to Calabria


Calabria - 800 Kms of coasts frame landscapes of unpolluted beauty, between the Ionian sea and the Tyrrhenian sea among thousands of streams. A surface of about 15.000 Km that is represented by over 90% of mountains and hills. The superb massifs of Pollino, Sila and Aspromonte form Calabria\'s backbone and hide ethereal angles that seem to belong to northern countries rather than south Italy. You will also find impalpable sand on the endless beaches and a wonderful sea with various and stunning colors.
CALABRIA, land of emigration but also a land that is proud of its pluri millenarian history and of its culture. CALABRIA, land of art and ancient traditions. CALABRIA, hospitable land that from the very first encounter amazes the tourists because it does not correspond at all to the stereotypes through which it is too often defined. CALABRIA, hard working land that is re-evaluating its tourism, handicraft and also the small industry.

CALABRIA, environmental, cultural and historical inheritance to all the world.

CALABRIA is a place for two types of people: Calabrians (and their descendants - sometimes) and adventurers. It is bewildering, even frightening to all others, but richly rewarding for the chosen few. You will find no Florences or Venices in Calabria. You won\'t even find a San Gimignano or a Positano. Art treasures are usually encountered in impoverished villages whose older homes barely have electricity and running water and newer homes have cement pylons where the second story will someday be. When there\'s a spectacular seacoast, you\'re likely to find hotels offering lumpy mattresses and microscopic see-through towels. Architectural masterpieces have been eroded by the earthquakes that recur every hundred years or so.

Calabria - Unforgettable vistas across rugged mountains, vast golden wheat fields and crystal clear seas. Age old olive trees that grow as tall as eucalyptus. Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Norman ruins, forgotten by time, which suddenly loom over the horizon, beckoning you to your own private rendezvous with history. Shy but unforgettably hospitable villagers wearing voluminous black skirts or colorful traditional costumes. Delicious fish, vegetables, cheese, sausage, salami, wild mushrooms and figs.

If you venture inland on those impossibly curvy mountain roads, you\'ll see abandoned railroad tracks everywhere, and you\'ll drive past countless roadside fountains dispensing natural mineral water. Take your place in line to fill your plastic bottle, or ask a local woman to teach you how to balance a terra cotta jar of it on your head. Driving through the towns, you\'ll see old men playing cards at tables in the main squares. Grandmothers sit on their doorsteps knitting, weaving or embroidering. You could spot a group of villagers waiting outside the house of a local santina, a psychic who \"sees\" the souls of the dead, sweats blood, blesses the farm animals or performs miracles. You may see small children, but you won\'t see many of their parents, who have had to emigrate north or abroad to support their parents and offspring. Someday they will return home to add that second story to the house they\'re gradually financing. Meanwhile they\'ll trudge through the northern snows dreaming of this strange land, which has been conquered and forgotten by every major culture in the Western world.

Although never mentioned in the annals of glorious world history, Calabria was a crossroads for Western civilization from the 7th century BC until the last century. Before you travel here, read Unto The Sons (Knopf), Gay Talese\'s engrossing story of his own family\'s evolution. Besides painting a vivid portrait of the Taleses, it provides a gripping narrative of the countless outsiders who have conquered here, left their mark and then moved on, defeated by yet another wave of temporary foreign rulers.

The theme of Calabria… in detail, about the Bronzes of Riace, two magnificent statues that were found in the waters off the Calabrian coastal town of Riace. But I\'m going to let it suffice to say that any plan for visiting Italy should include these must-see bronzes--they are fabulous. They were in Rome at the Quirinale, the Prime Minister\'s residence.

The bronzi are now on display at the Museo Nazionale in Reggio Calabria, (45 minutes by car from Gioia Tauro) but the museum very kindly (albeit reluctantly) allowed them to come to Rome for a brief period. There, along with the prime minister, senators, deputies, Cabinet members, their spouses, and other lucky guests, one can circle the two great metal warriors for a long time, utterly mesmerized. Please visit Calabria to see them: I\'m sure you too will find them awesome.

If you are inspired by breathtaking panoramas and you don\'t mind winding roads, follow the signs to the Ionan cost (40 minutes by car from Gioia Tauro), about four miles south of Corigliano, to Santa Maria del Patire. All that remains of an 11th-century monastery, it sits alone at an altitude of 1800 feet, surrounded on all sides by rugged hills and valleys. Another major site back on the Tryannian Coast north of Gioia Tauro just two miles off route 106 is Rossano. The 11th-century church of San Marco, defiantly perched on its own outcrop, is a mystical masterpiece, one of the great Byzantine monuments in southern Italy. In town, you should also visit the churches of S. Panaghia, Santa Maria del Pilere and Santa Anna, the ancient hospital and the Parish Museum, whose most remarkable treasure is the Codex Purpureus, a 6th-century manuscrypt representing the Gospels of Sts. Mark and Matthew. Its name derives from the purple parchment on which it is written.

June and September are great months to visit Calabria, and a fine place to linger for a few days is the promontory that stretches from the Golfo di S. Eufemia to the Golfo di Gioia. Start out in Vibo Valentia, an ancient Calabrian city that has begrudgingly hosted Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans and Bourbons. Formerly known as Monteleone, Vibo is not a particularly beautiful city, but its castle, a fine example of Angevin military architecture, is perhaps the most interesting one to visit in Calabria. The 14th-century cloister in the church of the Rosary offers splendid respite from the traffic that torments every Calabrian city, and the church of San Michele, designed by Baldassare Peruzzi, is a gem worth seeking out. Marching back through the ages, you\'ll want to see the Byzantine temple of S. Ruba, the ruins of an old Roman baths, walls dating from the time when Vibo was called Hipponion, and the remains of a 6th-century Greek acropolis.

Between Tropea and Nicotera, especially in the areas around Parghelia and Capo Vaticano, the road curves along high above a non-stop succession of beautiful beaches and interesting rocky coves, creating a coastline that many have likened to Big Sur. The water is usually extremely clear and, as the Italians say, pescoso (which means \"full of fish,\" not \"fishy\"). Settle down somewhere, stay a few days, set out each morning with your masks and fins, pack a lunch of cheese, bread, fresh tomatoes, fruit and bottled water, and arm yourself with plenty of suntan oil. It\'s one of the best seaside vacations you\'ll have in Italy. (Part of the text on the region of Calabria © Words and Pictures 1993-2003)

Travel Details
Gioia Tauro, exit on the A3 Autostarda (Salerno – Reggio) is 50 km from Reggio Calabria’s airport and 70 Km from the Lamezia Terme airport. Car rental available at the airports.

Train Station - Piazza Marconi is 500 meters from - villetta
Bus station - Lirosi - is 1km from villetta

Stylish Kitchen - great for taking a cooking class Sleep well in the Master Bedroom - inc. walk-in closet Spa like and Modern Bathroom - inc. 10'' rain shower head frontal view of villetta state of the art kitchen living room zone with armoire entertainment center double crystal sink open concept - loft like - on ground level
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The marker is an accurate indicator of the property location.
Gioia tauro,Reggio Calabria,89015,Italy

Pricing details
The following rates are per Week
The rates are per entire villa
FromUpto Charging Rate 
  US Dollars British Pounds Euros
07 Jan 200614 Apr 20061160 886 1036
14 Apr 200621 Apr 20062560 1954 2286
21 Apr 200627 Apr 20061160 886 1036
27 Apr 200628 Oct 20062160 1649 1929
22 Dec 200607 Jan 20072560 1954 2286

Price Includes:-Taxes
wood for the fireplace

Price Excludes:-Electric - Heating at .25 cents euro/kilowatt (i.e 150 kilowatts usage = 30 euro)
Telephone - metered
linens 15 Euro per person per week
Mandatory Final Cleaning 70 Euro
Mandatory once a week cleaning for stays longer than 1 week 28 Euro
Cell Phones available to rent 25 Euro/Week - one must purchase their own rechargable tel card.
Leather Sleep Sofa - sleeps 2 - (at add'l cost) contact owner for rates

Other Information:-A 500 Euro security/damage deposit is to be paid to the keyholder upon arrival. at the end of the rental period, if there is no damage, this amount will be returned to you minus any electrical charges within 21 days after your departure.

if you book 2 or more weeks a modest discount will be given. contact owner.

Availability Details
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Air Conditioning
DVD Player
Satellite or Cable Television
Stereo System
Video Cassette Recorder
Washing Machine

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Culture - Museums, Historic Sites
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Outdoor Activities - Walks, Lakes, Woods
Seaside - Close to beaches
Wilderness - Mountains, River Gorges
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No Pets
No Smokers

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